April 18, 2014

Cameron's Christian Evangelism

John McTernan, The Scotsman

The Associated Press

The PM’s claim that Britain is a Christian country will not attract Labour-leaning Hindus and Muslims to the Tories.

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Ukip has become a beacon for disillusioned voters who are fed up with what they see as dissembling politicians peddling pledges they have no intention of acting upon more ››
April 9, 2014
Is Scottish Independence Really a Big Deal?
Michael McGough, LA Times
Even as an independent nation, the Irish Republic is intimately interconnected with England: politically, economically and culturally. The same would be true of an independent Scotland, which conceivably might keep both the... more ››
April 10, 2014
Britain Didn't Understand Enemy in Helmand
Mike Martin, Telegraph
Today, much of the violence is mischaracterised as “Taliban” insurgent violence, when in fact it is not linked to the Taliban or the GIRoA, but is driven by local dynamics between groups and individuals on the ground. The... more ››
April 7, 2014
Britain's Idle Parliament
The Economist
MPs have found ways of filling their time. Some have holed up in their constituencies, where they obsess over the politics of potholes, courting votes in preparation for the general election due in May 2015. A few are writing... more ››
April 7, 2014
Yes, London Is an Unfriendly City
Stuart Heritage, The Guardian
Ignore the people saying Londoners should talk to each other more to 'build a friendlier city'. Most of us moved here precisely to avoid having to chat to strangers. more ››