April 18, 2014

Is an Asian NATO Possible?

Zachary Keck, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

A future NATO-like organization in Asia seems more likely than a European NATO seemed at the end of WWII.

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April 7, 2014
Why the 'Asia Pivot' Will Prove a Non-Event
Patrick Smith, Fiscal Times
After two years of dithering and drift in the Pacific, the Obama administration is now trying to give substance to its noted “pivot to Asia.” The White House’s problem simply put: Symbols and gestures do not amount to... more ››
April 15, 2014
Let Asia Go Nuclear
Harvey Sapolsky & Christine Leah, The National Interest
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April 14, 2014
Waking Up to the Russian Threat
Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal
Until recently, members of the Russian delegation to NATO were free to roam at will about the Western alliance's headquarters here on the outskirts of the Belgian capital. The Russians had an awkward habit of listening... more ››
April 15, 2014
Has the West Enabled the World's Rogues?
Colin Robertson, Globe & Mail
It's a testing moment for the international order. How will we respond to Russian actions that Prime Minister Harper describes as "aggressive, militaristic and imperialistic"? Is the NATO Alliance prepared to draw red lines?... more ››
April 11, 2014
Don't Blame NATO for Russian Aggression
Marc Champion, Bloomberg
Kennan certainly looks prescient now, and the idea that NATO is reaping the fruits of needless post-Cold War expansionism is held by other very smart people, too (Kennan, sadly, died in 2005). So at the risk of great hubris, I... more ››