April 19, 2014

'We Need a Dictator with a Gun and a Hoover'

James Traub, Foreign Policy

The Associated Press

Can India's likely next prime minister unleash his country's economy without allowing his Hindu nationalist base to run free?

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April 12, 2014
India's Nukes in Focus
Praveen Swami, The Hindu
The Bharatiya Janata Party’s election manifesto promises to review India’s nuclear doctrine. What does this portend? more ››
April 13, 2014
Democracy Catching Up to the Crooks in India
Haroon Siddiqui, The Star
Ninety-six per cent of India’s 1.2 billion people say that corruption is their nation’s No. 1 problem. More than half, 54 per cent, report giving a bribe in the last year to get things done. Corruption is the main... more ››
April 12, 2014
India's Pro-Rapist Party
The Hindu
Mr. Yadav’s words, we can be reasonably certain, were no mistake. In the midst of a bruising election campaign, he spoke as he did because he knew there is political gain to be had from this stand. The hideous truth is that in... more ››
April 12, 2014
India Deserves Better
Amol Rajan, London Evening Standard
The charge sheet against Narendra Damodardas Modi is familiar and well founded: the stench of Hindu nationalism covers him more ››
April 11, 2014
Indian Voters Get the Modi Blues
The National
As India faced one of the biggest days of its month-long elections yesterday, with more than 100 million people in 19 constituencies across 14 states going to the polls, the focus was not on politics but on a remarkable... more ››