April 23, 2014

Only France and Germany Can Save EU Now

Errera & Ischinger, The Guardian

The Associated Press

The EU project has never been less popular. Berlin and Paris must deal with the economic and security crises together

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April 13, 2014
Europe's Comeback
Washington Post
The powers that be within the European Union — German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mr. Draghi — would be wise to grant Mr. Valls and Mr. Renzi the fiscal wiggle room they need. It’s one thing to borrow for current... more ››
April 15, 2014
France: New Cauldron of Euroskepticism
A. Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Britain is marginal to the great debate on Europe. France is the linchpin, fast becoming a cauldron of Eurosceptic/Poujadist views on the Right, anti-EMU reflationary Keynesian views on the Left, mixed with soul-searching over... more ››
April 15, 2014
France, Islam and the 'Spreading Hatred'
John Vinocur, Wall St. Journal
There's an area of French society bleak beyond any let's-pretend action-plan or incantatory chorus about brotherhood. The country's existential problem of coming to terms with more than five million Muslims in its midst—and... more ››
April 11, 2014
Is a French Intifada Brewing?
Marc Hecker, The American Interest
France has Europe’s largest Muslim and Jewish communities. The outbreaks of anti-Semitic violence since the Second Intifada are only the most visible signs of an unstable and fraught situation. more ››
Blimey, those lazy French slackers are at it again. Not content with a statutory 35-hour week, now people are banned from checking work emails after 6pm. No wonder France’s economy is going down the pan. more ››