April 26, 2014

Why NATO Can't Stop Putin

Matt Gurney, National Post

The Associated Press

The Western alliance is feckless.

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April 20, 2014
Not All Ukraine Uprisings Are Equal
Zenon Evans, American Conservative
All uprisings are not made equal. The ballot box is normally a great way to keep a country moving smoothly, but when rule of law cannot be maintained under despots or during unrest, the government cannot be the only source of... more ››
April 19, 2014
A Spanish Civil War for Ukraine?
Igor Ivanov, Moscow Times
Recent developments indicate a growing danger of further escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. The authorities in Kiev are hastily setting up their National Guard, while their opponents in the east and in the south are... more ››
April 19, 2014
So Much for Solving the Ukraine Crisis
The Economist
HOPES that an accord struck on April 17th in Geneva between Ukraine, Russia, America and the European Union would lead to a swift resolution of the Ukrainian crisis have been swiftly dashed. Denis Pushilin, the chairman of the... more ››
April 19, 2014
Putin's Not a Genius, We're Idiots
David Goldman, PJ Media
Putin will let the West take ownership of the Ukrainian disaster until it festers, and then he will pick and choose what he wants. We will huff and puff and bloviate about Putin, the new Hitler, while Ukraine’s economy... more ››
April 20, 2014
Putin's Westward March
Wall Street Journal
Diplomacy is useful when it prevents bad outcomes. The problem with diplomacy as practiced by President Obama is that it too often is a mask to disguise bad outcomes. The latest example is this week's agreement among Ukraine,... more ››