April 27, 2014

India's New Politics

James Crabtree, Financial Times

The Associated Press

As the world’s largest democracy goes to the polls, why are some of its business stars taking on the traditional elite?

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It has been a fairly smooth ride so far with the fifth phase of polling covering the largest number of 121 parliamentary constituencies across 12 States on a single day to elect new members to the 16th Lok Sabha witnessing a... more ››
Can India's likely next prime minister unleash his country's economy without allowing his Hindu nationalist base to run free? more ››
April 22, 2014
India's Pro-Male Activists Are Not Happy
Rachel Levy, Vocativ
Women's rights are front and center in India's election, and a small group of male activists are not happy. more ››
April 22, 2014
Is India About to Elect Its Reagan?
David B. Cohen, The Hindu
Modinomics can be the perfect antidote to the kleptocratic crony socialism that has kept India from realising her vast economic potential. more ››
April 22, 2014
Someone Didn't Get BJP's Rebranding Memo
Joshua Keating, Slate
Accused of complicity in (or at least insufficient concern about) the massacre of about 1,000 Muslims in his state of Gujarat in 2002, Indian election frontrunner Narendra Modi has backed away from his party's traditional Hindu... more ››