April 30, 2014

The Problem Isn't UKIP, It's Europe

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

The Associated Press

David Cameron has fallen into the same trap as John Major. Now the politics of citizen identity lurks everywhere.

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April 24, 2014
A Rebellion Is Brewing Against Brussels
Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph
The EU has always been at heart an elite project. It has been defined by rule from above, made deliberately unintelligible to the average citizen. Its first architects, having lived through the fascism of the Thirties and the... more ››
EU citizens, if that title means anything any more, can be forgiven if they raise their arms to heaven and say: 'Who asked for this?' more ››
April 18, 2014
How the West Lost in Afghanistan
Alan Philps, The National
One of the lessons of the long war in Afghanistan is that negotiating tribal politics in a country such as Afghanistan requires a lifetime of knowledge of local history and proficiency in the language. British colonial servants... more ››
April 24, 2014
David Cameron Must Tackle Optimism Deficit
James Forsyth, Spectator
There is an optimism deficit in British politics. Politicians seem incapable of making a positive argument for anything, including the country itself. The British government’s case in the Scottish independence referendum... more ››
April 19, 2014
The Establishment Lets Islamists Threaten UK
Charles Moore, Telegraph
Sunday is Easter Day, but the pupils of 25 or so state schools in Birmingham probably do not know what that means for Christians. Argument rages about Islamist infiltration of these schools, and the exclusion of non-Muslim... more ››