April 30, 2014

What's the U.S. Drone Death Toll?

David Cole, New York Review of Books

The Associated Press

International law acknowledges that killing is not always illegal or wrong, and that a government has the authority to do so as a last resort in genuine self-defense. But if the US government’s targeted killings are lawful, we should have no hesitation in making them public. Surely the least we can do is to literally count and report the lives we’ve taken. Yet even that, for “the most transparent administration in history,” is apparently too much.

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April 25, 2014
China Rises as America Weakens
Bill Gertz, Commentary Magazine
The new Chinese military is armed with highly sophisticated weaponry. They include cyber-warfare forces capable of crippling American electrical and financial infrastructures from computer keyboards in Shanghai as well as... more ››
April 25, 2014
Israel's Sustainable Success
Roger Cohen, New York Times
Moving toward a two-state peace — the best outcome for both nations — cannot be based either on the myth that Israel’s current situation is unsustainable or on the myth that the Palestinian Authority, as currently... more ››
April 26, 2014
World Can Teach the U.S. About Entitlements
Richard Jackson, GPS
Several countries – including Germany, Italy, Japan, and Sweden – have gone further and introduced “automatic stabilizers” into their public pension systems that, directly or indirectly, index benefits to the growth in... more ››
April 26, 2014
How the U.S. Could Slip into a War in Ukraine
Jean Mackenzie, GP
The skeptics were right. Just one week ago, as top diplomats in Geneva heralded an agreement on Ukraine that was supposed to defuse the crisis, many warned that tensions were too high to be easily resolved. Now the situation has... more ››
April 26, 2014
U.S. Shouldn't Be Even-Handed in the Mideast
Asaf Romirowsky, Ynet
US support for Palestinian statehood, despite Palestinians' endorsement of terrorism, creates contradiction between policy towards Palestinians and other policies towards radical Islam. more ››