May 2, 2014

Economics of India's Vote Machine

Chandrahas Choudhury, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

For a couple of years now, India’s Congress-led coalition government has been in a tizzy trying to revive what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the “animal spirit” of the Indian economy. Even as annual growth slipped to below 5 percent, the lowest in a decade, and the current account deficit rose to alarming levels, causing the rupee to plunge against the dollar, the government pulled rabbit after rabbit out of its hat. It announced it was opening India’s protected retail sector to foreign investment, tried to foist retrospective taxes upon multinational corporations, changed finance ministers, stopped subsidizing gasoline, and even pleaded with citizens to stop buying gold. None of these measures were fruitful in a time when what was needed was a measure that would...

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April 30, 2014
Just the Man to Jolt India
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
Mr Modi’s background in Hindu nationalism also creates dangers beyond India’s borders. India and Pakistan have fought three wars since independence. Disturbingly, Pakistan’s military doctrine is now based on the first use... more ››
April 29, 2014
What Has Become of Gandhi's India?
Ramachandra Guha, Globe and Mail
In India, Gandhi is known as Father of the Nation. What would he think of this child, 67 years after its founding? In what ways has India failed Gandhi’s expectations, and in what way has it honoured them? more ››
April 30, 2014
China May Be Biggest Economy, but Not the Best
Willie Pesek, Bloomberg
The danger is that in Asia, this ossified status quo traps billions far below middle-income levels. Rapid GDP growth has been remarkably successful in lifting hundreds of millions from the $1.25-a-day mark consistent with extreme... more ››
May 1, 2014
India's New Language of Killing
Praveen Swami, The Hindu
Narendra Modi has suggested he would authorise India’s intelligence services to stage cross-border strikes against terrorists. The stakes are seismic -- and must be debated with dispassion, before a choice is made in rage. more ››
May 2, 2014
India's New Hinduism About Order, Not Wonder
Amit Chaudhuri, Guardian
A BJP triumph in the 2014 election will further undermine India's secularism, and its astonishingly rich, creative view of religion. more ››