May 3, 2014

A Manifesto for a Radical New Europe

Thomas Picketty, The Guardian

The Associated Press

European Union institutions no longer work. A radical financial and democratic settlement is needed

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April 23, 2014
How America's Rich Are Different
Paul Waldman, American Prospect
Almost nowhere else is there such a tight link between class and opinions about cutting government. more ››
April 24, 2014
A Rebellion Is Brewing Against Brussels
Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph
The EU has always been at heart an elite project. It has been defined by rule from above, made deliberately unintelligible to the average citizen. Its first architects, having lived through the fascism of the Thirties and the... more ››
April 24, 2014
Why the European Union Will Survive
Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
The vision of Europe's elites a decade ago was too ambitious, but that does not mean at all that the age of the European Union is past. The European Union has a brighter future than Russia does. more ››
May 3, 2014
The Populist Right Is Good for Europe
Christina Liang, The European
Recent high-profile warnings of a populist backlash in the May 2014 EU parliamentary elections have given birth to several debates as to whether or not populism is a threat to, or an opportunity for, building a stronger European... more ››
April 28, 2014
Europe's Ugly Face
Spela Kunej, The European
Europe isn’t as tolerant as we would like to believe. In Slovenia, hateful associations can still freely march on the streets. more ››