May 3, 2014

Realism in the Middle East

Emanuele Ottolenghi, Standpoint

The Associated Press

The Arab-Israeli conflict defies solution. It has always done so. It will continue to do so in the near future. Trying once more what failed before is doomed to beget more failure. It is time the West recognised that the differences between the two sides are irreconcilable — and the sooner the better.

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The use of such undiplomatic language also distracts from the very real difficulties the Israelis face in trying to reach an agreement. more ››
April 30, 2014
A New Map Won't Save the Mideast
Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine
If you didn’t know any better, you might think that democracy was flowering all over the Middle East. Syria has a presidential election scheduled in June; today, Lebanon’s Parliament will have a second round of voting... more ››
April 29, 2014
Kerry's Apartheid Slur Sabotages Peace
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Identifying Israel as even a potential apartheid state is not only an incendiary slur; it demonstrates the fundamental flaw at the heart of Kerry’s effort. There is no comparison between apartheid South Africa and Israel.... more ››
April 29, 2014
A New (and Plausible) Plan for Mideast Peace
Ari Shavit, New Republic
New Peace will not alter the ultimate goal of Old Peace: a two-state solution. But it will not be obsessed with mutual recognition and the drafting of end-of-conflict documents. Rather, it will focus on fostering the conditions... more ››
April 29, 2014
Hamas Must Repudiate Anti-Semitic Charter
Richard Cohen, Wash Post
The Hamas charter was adopted in 1988 and possibly no longer accurately reflects the thinking of the current Hamas leadership. If so, it should be repudiated -- and not without fanfare. Anti-Semitism has come to reside in the... more ››