May 6, 2014

China Buys Friends and Influences Nations

William Pesek, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

If you can't beat them, outspend them. That seems to be the thinking behind a huge new infrastructure investment fund being promoted by China as an alternative to established international lending agencies. It’s a terrible rationale for starting a bank -- and a good reason to reform the current international system, which remains dominated by Americans, Europeans and Japanese.

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May 1, 2014
A Developing India-China Maritime Dynamic
Abhijit Singh, Diplomat
India’s decision to send the warship INS Shivalik to participate in a multilateral naval exercise at the northeastern Chinese port city of Qingdao last week generated some curiosity among maritime watchers.  more ››
May 2, 2014
China Doesn't Want to Be Number One ... Yet
Joshua Keating, Slate
Barring a massive catastrophe, the day when the world’s biggest country is also its biggest economy is going to come sooner or later. Some recent evidence suggests that the long-established practice of local officials... more ››
May 2, 2014
Is Taiwan Sinking Back into Obscurity?
Chris Fuchs, Tea Leaf Nation
The rush of foreign media attention gave the protesters, and Taiwan generally, an unusually attentive international audience. And it has created a new set of public relations challenges both for Taiwanese President Ma... more ››
May 3, 2014
Could the U.S. Superpower Commit Suicide?
Patrick Porter, Nat'l Interest
Though Russian troops gather on Ukraine's border, and civil war devastates Aleppo, the view from Washington still sees the 'big story' of this century as the rise of China and the mischief it entails. The big question is about... more ››
May 1, 2014
Why LinkedIn Can't Crack the Chinese Market
Cunfu Riji, Caixin
In China, the core users of the professional social networking site LinkedIn are white-collar and managerial-level staff of large companies, particularly multinationals or joint ventures with foreign firms. Still, the network... more ››