May 8, 2014

The Right Way to Press Iran

Kenneth Pollack, New York Times

The Associated Press

As important as highly intrusive inspections are, they can only be as effective as their enforcement mechanism. The history of arms control and arms limitation agreements suggests that states abide by them when they believe it is likely that they’ll get caught and might pay a heavy price for getting caught.

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May 6, 2014
Saudi Arabia's Goodbye Wave to America
Faisal Al Yafai, The National
When one of the most powerful militaries in the Middle East holds the largest military exercise in its history, the region and allies would be wise to look beyond the explosions and manoeuvres at the political intent. more ››
May 6, 2014
Syria Is a Sideshow
John Bolton, New York Post
The real threats to the United States come not from those directly engaged in that fighting, but from their patrons and larger incarnations. more ››
May 4, 2014
Inside the Secret Sexual Matriarchy of Iran
Zoe Mendelson, Date Report
I was genuinely shocked, and tried to play it off like I wasn’t such an ignorant American thinking that Persian women were just bundled up virginal victims. And then things got even realer. more ››