May 9, 2014

The Truth About China's Economy

Christopher Whalen, The National Interest

The Associated Press

The economic statistics issued by the Chinese government are designed to help maintain the control of the Chinese Communist Party in a political sense, not to better inform China’s people or foreign investors. The fact that the World Bank, foreign news agencies and investors are willing to take Chinese statistics at face value says more about the credulity of foreign audiences than it does about China’s authoritarian government.

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May 6, 2014
China Buys Friends and Influences Nations
William Pesek, Bloomberg
If you can't beat them, outspend them. That seems to be the thinking behind a huge new infrastructure investment fund being promoted by China as an alternative to established international lending agencies. It’s a terrible... more ››
May 6, 2014
Don't Contain Russia, Push It East
Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Instead of containment, the US should block Russia’s ambitions in Europe while encouraging them in Asia. more ››
May 6, 2014
Taiwan Is the Success Story, Not China
Daniel Mitchell, The Commentator
There have been a bunch of misleading stories about China “overtaking” the United States in economic output. Don't worry about the myth of Chinese supremacy, but do take a look at Taiwan, and how they did it more ››
May 5, 2014
Airbrushing the U.S.-China Alliance
Jean-Pierre Lehmann, EA Forum
Looking ahead in this extremely turbulent environment, a Japan that demonstrates genuine repentance vis-à-vis its Asian neighbours and genuine gratitude vis-à-vis the United States is a Japan that will have demonstrated a sense... more ››