May 12, 2014

An Inside Look at Ukraine's Shadow War

Mike Giglio, BuzzFeed

The Associated Press

Home to masked militants, a growing number of captives, and a makeshift medical clinic, the separatist headquarters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is braced for war. Not far beneath the surface, one already seems to be raging.

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May 2, 2014
Eastern Ukraine Explodes
Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
In an apparent bid to deter Ukrainian government forces from pressing ahead with a surprise assault on the eastern Ukraine flashpoint town of Slovyansk, pro-Russian separatists this morning abducted several Western journalists... more ››
May 6, 2014
Fear and Propaganda in Eastern Ukraine
David Blair, Daily Telegraph
Mr Putin’s greatest contribution may simply have been the ruthless propaganda offensive that has helped to generate such a climate of fear. The terrible incident in Odessa last Friday, when 32 pro-Russian protesters died... more ››
May 5, 2014
East Ukraine Beginning to Feel Like the Balkans
Matt Fisher, Nat'l Post
People across the east, and now in the southern port city of Odessa, where 46 people died in a fiery brawl on Friday, live in mortal fear that serious trouble might explode around them at any moment. Or that they might find... more ››
May 7, 2014
Could Ukraine Spark a World War?
Graham Allison, The National Interest
The rapid slide from lawlessness to violence that has claimed the lives of more than sixty people in the Ukrainian cities of Donetsk, Slovyansk, and Odessa in the past week sounds alarms that should be heard more clearly in... more ››