May 14, 2014

How Corruption Rotted the City of Delhi

William O'Connor, The Daily Beast

The Associated Press

The guidebooks tell one story of Delhi: the beautiful Mughal gardens and the city snapped from a rickshaw. But the voices of the city’s inhabitants captured in a new book reveal a seething city of corruption, greed, and violence.

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May 13, 2014
India in the Mood for Modi
The Economist
What will come first for Mr Modi? The transition in India can be fast, with Mr Modi likely to be installed within a week or so of the official results (and a replacement chief minister for Gujarat named too). He is a man who... more ››
May 13, 2014
Why No One Trusts India's Election Polling
Adam Taylor, Washington Post
There's a multitude of reasons why polling in India is a difficult task, some of which are simple things like scale (India is really big and diverse) and technology (many people don't have phones or Internet access still). As... more ››
May 11, 2014
Why the West Should Pay Attention to Modi
Jason Burke, The Guardian
Our interaction with countries like India is complex. But our policymakers and official representatives are guilty of extraordinarily narrow vision which has helped open up space for people like Modi across much of a continent.... more ››
May 13, 2014
Why India's Election Is Hard to Predict
Heather Timmons, The Atlantic
May 12 is the last phase of voting in India’s general election, and over 90 percent of the country’s voters have already gone to the polls. At this late stage in many democratic contests, statistics gurus would be... more ››