May 20, 2014

Russian Strategy Intends to Create Chaos

Ioffe & Foer, The New Republic

The Associated Press

On 'fascism' in the capital, rabbis in the Maidan, and the best hope for the future.

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May 12, 2014
The Battle in Ukraine Means Everything
Timothy Snyder, New Republic
We easily forget how fascism works: as a bright and shining alternative to the mundane duties of everyday life, as a celebration of the obviously and totally irrational against good sense and experience. Fascism features armed... more ››
May 11, 2014
The War You Were Expecting? Putin's Won It
David Patrikarakos, Politico
People keep waiting for the “war” to begin in Ukraine. But a 21st century-style war has already begun here, and may be almost over – something that Vladimir Putin seems to understand even if the rest of us do not. more ››
May 11, 2014
Putin's Dangerous Game
Daily Telegraph
The presence of Vladimir Putin yesterday in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, ostensibly to mark Russia’s annual VE Day celebrations, was deliberately provocative. Until recently, Crimea was part of Ukraine – before it was... more ››
May 10, 2014
Here's Why Russia Won't Invade E. Ukraine
Vassily Kashin, RIGA
All the signs are that a military invasion of Ukraine’s restive eastern provinces by Russian forces is not on the cards. The likeliest scenario is that Moscow will allow Kiev to gradually claw back control of the east,... more ››