May 20, 2014

Why Sanctioning Venezuela Would Be Pointless

David Smilde, Washington Post

The Associated Press

There is no doubt that the government’s response has been excessive and that the international community has a role to play in ensuring that human rights are respected. But lawmakers would be wise to vote against sanctions, which will only be counterproductive.

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May 15, 2014
Tighten the Screws on Venezuela
Miami Herald
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May 13, 2014
Venezuela: The Forgotten Revolution
Bridget Johnson, PJ Media
Opponents to the Chavista rule of Nicolas Maduro poured out into the streets as the Euromaidan activists were demanding a future free from the Kremlin’s grip, creating a tug-o-war with the news cycle at different corners of... more ››
In the bubbling cauldron that is politically riven Venezuela, divining the government's motives is a favorite pastime. So as soon as security forces stormed a handful of ramshackle camps that had been the haven for... more ››
May 8, 2014
'Stability' Over Liberty in Venezuela
Roger Noriega, The American
In short, an undemocratic regime known for its hostility to the United States, its complicity in narcotrafficking, and its affinity for Iran and Hezbollah has its back against the wall. Enter the U.S. State Department, which has... more ››
The Obama administration has been supporting the political talks in Caracas while hinting that sanctions could be applied if they fail. But the two are not incompatible. More pressure must be applied to the Maduro government if... more ››