May 22, 2014

Obama's Sickening Syria Hypocrisy

Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic

The Associated Press

Whereas “none of the tragedies that we see today may rise to the full horror of the Holocaust, they demand our attention, that we not turn away, that we choose empathy over indifference, and that our empathy leads to action”: President Obama spoke those words in Los Angeles recently. I would admire them coming from anybody. Coming from him, they sicken me.

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May 16, 2014
Obama Is Choosing Not to Act on Syria
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It’s an odd sort of president who demands credit for selling a humanitarian catastrophe to two countries committed to furthering it. Yet that’s the sort of president the United States has got. more ››
May 9, 2014
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May 15, 2014
Would Obama Bomb Iran?
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America’s position on this issue couldn’t be clearer. In a series of statements, beginning in March 2012, President Obama has declared that a nuclear-armed Iran ‘cannot be contained’ and he is prepared to... more ››
May 9, 2014
Obama Needs to Lead with Feeling
Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
Part of Obama’s problem is that he has made grand pronouncements on issues where he would not use American power forcefully, Syria and the Arab Spring being the clearest examples. Speech became the substitute for action... more ››