May 24, 2014

Thai Coup a Chinese Opening?

Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

The Associated Press

Thailand’s coup, and the swift international condemnation of it, could represent a major event in Asia’s ongoing geopolitical competition. The U.S. condemnation was particularly angry. John Kerry said Washington would review its annual aid commitments to Bangkok, which total about $10 million. He also said there was “no justification” for the coup and that the U.S. military would be reconsidering arms sales and joint operations with the Thais.

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May 15, 2014
Thai Recipe for a Coup
The Hindu
The larger battle behind the crisis is between the royalist-military establishment and urban elites represented by the Democratic Party, and populist forces unleashed by Pheu Thai. more ››
May 21, 2014
Brutality a Sad Fact of Thai Life
Sanitsuda Ekachai, Bangkok Post
While the country is still debating whether martial law is actually just a coup, people across the country are subjected to daily brutality, whether from deeply ingrained militarism in officialdom or our... more ››
May 20, 2014
Thailand: Looks Like a Coup, Smells Like a Coup
Charlie Campbell, Time
Despite military denials, the imposition of martial law across Thailand on Tuesday has been criticized by government supporters as yet another putsch — the last one being the 2006 ousting of Prime Minister Thaksin ... more ››
May 23, 2014
Coup Offers No Solution
Bangkok Post
Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha justified his decision to stage yesterday’s coup as necessary to prevent further loss of life and stop the political conflict from escalating. The rationale is short-sighted. more ››
May 12, 2014
It's a Thai Thing: Ditching the New for the Old
Tom Plate, Japan Times
The anti-Thaksin crowd’s dubious bile was then piled on his younger sister Yingluck, a lady of substantial charm and I-try-hard work habits. The Thai Constitutional Court that invalidated her as prime minister thus jumped... more ››