May 25, 2014

China Could Be in for Some Serious Trouble

Allen Carlson, The National Interest

The Associated Press
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TAGGED: Uighurs, Xinjiang, China


May 23, 2014
China's Terrorism Problem Is Getting Worse
Ishaan Tharoor, WaPo
A gruesome terror attack Thursday morning led to at least 31 deaths in Urumqi, capital of the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang. The attack — in which assailants in two cars plowed over shoppers and set off... more ››
May 13, 2014
Follow the Money, China-Style
Yu Hua, New York Times
Despite a wave of prosecutions over the past decade, there is little reason to believe that much has changed. In December, a former deputy director of the Hohhot Railway Bureau in Inner Mongolia, Ma Junfei, was given a suspended... more ››
May 13, 2014
U.S. Is No. 1, China Is So Yesterday
Josef Joffe, Bloomberg View
Spectacular growth is always easy when countries start at zero, as did Taiwan and South Korea. Or as did destroyed economies such as Japan’s and West Germany’s. Essentially, they all followed the same growth model:... more ››
May 12, 2014
What's Holding Back a Major War?
Nayan Chanda, Times of India
The muted response to Russia and China's aggressive actions seem to underscore that in an increasingly interdependent world, the power of the state is ever more constrained. The mesh of economic interdependence that deters... more ››
May 12, 2014
The Dalai Lama as a 'Necessary Sacrifice'
John Fund, National Review
The game of “hide the Dalai Lama” is an old one in Washington, stretching back to the days of President George H. W. Bush. When Bill Clinton was in office, he would briefly “drop by” the small office where the Dalai Lama... more ››