May 27, 2014

Europe's Energy Death Wish

Arthur Herman, New York Post

The Associated Press

It’s common knowledge that Europeans are dependent on Russia’s state-run Gazprom for their natural-gas needs — up to 30 percent for the European Union as a whole, more for Eastern Europe. The threat of cutting off this vital supply allowed Putin to get away with annexing Crimea, cowing our NATO allies into quivering passivity in the face of naked aggression.

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May 25, 2014
Putin Thinks He's Pulled a Nixon. He Hasn't
David Blair, Telegraph
While in China, Mr Putin declared: “Our positions on the main international issues are similar – or even identical.” So this was not a man coming to Shanghai as a glorified gas salesman, but a Russian leader... more ››
So in striking a big new deal to supply natural gas to China, has Vladimir Putin outmaneuvered the U.S. and its European friends yet again? Much as Russia's president would like you to think so, not really. more ››
May 14, 2014
Putin's New OPEC
Ezra Levant, National Post
Fracking might seem like a bright, inevitable future for plentiful, affordable natural gas. But it’s actually only one possible future. In places as diverse as France, Bulgaria and Quebec, where fracking is illegal, the future... more ››
May 15, 2014
A Defining Moment for European Foreign Policy
Jan Techau, Carnegie
The ongoing unrest that has come to be called the Ukraine crisis is in reality three major foreign policy challenges rolled into one. All three of these challenges reveal the same structural problem hardwired into European... more ››
May 15, 2014
Europe's Economic Iron Curtain
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Looking at Europe as an entity centered in Brussels does not provide the best view of the web of interdependencies born of Moscow's erstwhile role as the nexus of a huge region. Few people can correctly place all its countries on... more ››