May 27, 2014

Violence Is Far from Over in Ukraine

Kim Sengupta, The Independent

The Associated Press

The bigger question is whether Mr Poroshenko is prepared to continue with a combat mission that may well take months, with all the attendant instability and rising casualties. Or will he, after a show of force, start negotiating with the separatists to arrive at a federal system which seems the only form in which Ukraine can survive as a state?

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May 22, 2014
Blame EU for the Mess in Ukraine
Rebecca Miller, The National Interest
Over the course of events that have transpired during the Ukraine crisis, there have been unwarranted provocations from Moscow, bouts of violence in eastern Ukraine, illegal referenda (and one annexation) and incessant finger... more ››
May 23, 2014
Watching Ukraine Implode
Tim Judah, New York Review of Books
Every now and then I can hear distant explosions and bursts of gunfire. But most of the time, here in the center of Sloviansk, which since early April has become eastern Ukraine’s separatist stronghold, everything is quiet.... more ››
May 23, 2014
Is Moldova Putin's Next Target?
Josh Rogin, The Daily Beast
After Sunday’s elections in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin may turn his attention westward toward Moldova, where Russia is sending spies, beaming in propaganda—and threatening economic strangulation. It’s all part of an effort... more ››
May 23, 2014
What You Must Believe to Believe Putin
Marc Champion, Bloomberg
There are plenty of commentators, politicians and academics from the left and right who sympathize with Putin on Ukraine. (My favorite essay from the category is this one by Brown University Professor of Slavic Studies Vladimir... more ››
May 22, 2014
Eastern Ukraine's Zombie Revolution
Lucian Kim, Slate
I met Roman Lyagin, the self-proclaimed election commissioner of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, two days before the separatists’ May 11 referendum. Lyagin was showing a French TV crew around his... more ››