May 28, 2014

Get Ready World, the U.S.-Russian Rivalry Is Back

Dmitri Trenin, The National Interest

The Associated Press

The Ukraine crisis has ended the era of post–Cold War engagement, which failed to culminate in integration between the West and Russia. In a stunning reversal, the crisis has opened up a period of intense geopolitical competition, rivalry, and even confrontation between Moscow and Washington, but also between Moscow and Brussels.

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May 15, 2014
Sanction Putin's Arms Dealer
Sen. Dan Coats, National Review
Taking steps to meaningfully obstruct this agency’s work and the revenue it provides the Russian state is among the most effective ways the United States can condemn Putin’s recent aggression. Using taxpayer funds to... more ››
May 24, 2014
A Great Power Outage
Vali Nasr, New York Times
Vladimir V. Putin’s aggressive play to bring at least eastern Ukraine inside Moscow’s orbit has unveiled far more than his faith in threats and disinformation. It has opened a window on a dangerous confusion among the... more ››
May 16, 2014
Why Getting Tough on Russia Might Backfire
Sven-Eric Fikenscher, TNI
Washington needs to make a decision about its foreign-policy priorities, if tensions in eastern Ukraine are not reduced. Giving the events in Ukraine priority over all other international developments is a hazardous strategy.... more ››
May 15, 2014
America's Epic Failure in Yemen
Almosawa & Dickey, The Daily Beast
At times, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, as it’s called, openly taunts the Hadi government and its American backers. On March 29, it released a video of hundreds of militants celebrating the homecoming of 29... more ››
May 15, 2014
The Gift of American Power
Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
The 1914 scenario that many proclaim for both Europe and East Asia would become much more than journalistic hype absent American military preponderance. The spread of democracy that many celebrate would be impossible to imagine... more ››