June 3, 2014

India's Alliances Will Be Tested

Suhasini Haidar, The Hindu

The Associated Press

While Narendra Modi’s immediate task will be to focus on bailing India out of its current economic crisis, it would be a mistake to ignore the massive shifts the world has undergone while India was caught up in election fever

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May 28, 2014
Hope & Change on the Subcontinent
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May 26, 2014
A U.S.-India Window of Opportunity
Jayant Prasad, The Hindu
Geo-strategically, some of the big issues that confront the U.S. today, China, Pakistan, and the shaping of the post-2014 transition in Afghanistan, all happen to be in India’s periphery. A more rapid expansion of India’s... more ››
May 21, 2014
India's Election Remakes Our World
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May 29, 2014
The Fearful Asymmetries of Modi's World
Praveen Swami, The Hindu
Narendra Modi must plan for the looming battles of the future — not prepare to fight yesterday’s wars again. To do that, he will have to give India new tools of political, economic and military persuasion. more ››
May 30, 2014
Ronald Reagan Is Alive in India
Allan Meltzer, Defining Ideas
The Indian election was a classic confrontation between the proponents of growth and the advocates of redistribution and the welfare state. Growth won across the board in all classes and regions. The young especially voted for... more ››