June 5, 2014

Germany's Green Dream Turns Brown

Jason Overdorf, Global Post

The Associated Press

There’s nothing extraordinary about the picture of Johannes Kapelle mowing hay with his tractor in a field behind his rustic village house. Except for the dozen wind turbines towering behind the nearby trees, the slow turning of their blades matching the ambling pace of Kapelle's brindle cow. And the glittering of solar panels on the roofs of houses along the main street.

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June 5, 2014
David Cameron Risks Losing an EU Ally
Carsten Volkery, Der Spiegel
It appears David Cameron's strategy has backfired. His campaign to derail Jean-Claude Juncker's appointment as the next EU Commission president is failing and the British prime minister may soon suffer a loss of face. Angela... more ››
June 5, 2014
Europe's Juncker Bond
Jan Fleischhauer, Der Spiegel
Jean-Claude Juncker vehemently criticized German-imposed austerity measures during the euro crisis. By doing so, he gained support in a number of countries -- especially those which would like to see the common currency zone... more ››
June 4, 2014
Berlin Wall's Shadow, Falling on China
Amity Shlaes, National Review
The toppling of the Berlin Wall was a greater event even than Tiananmen. Tiananmen, after all, left the “one child” policy and most of the rest of the apparatus of China’s government in place. The opening of the Brandenburg... more ››
June 2, 2014
Blair, Merkel Put Cameron in Perilous Spot
Benedict Brogan, Telegraph
Today's back-to-school headlines illustrate the perils facing the Prime Minister on Europe. Downing Street has denied German claims that David Cameron said Britain would leave the EU if Jean-Claude Juncker is chosen as president,... more ››
Rodionov defends President Vladimir Putin so vehemently that one could be forgiven for confusing him with a Kremlin spokesperson. But Rodionov views himself as a journalist. The 49-year-old is the head of the video news agency... more ››