June 5, 2014

Why China Lacks Do-Gooders

Adam Minter, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

What accounts for China’s lack of good Samaritans? Theories vary, and point to factors as variable as the lack of obligations to strangers under the Confucian value system, and the social dislocation and mistrust that’s inevitable in a rapidly urbanizing, formerly agrarian society. To be sure, there was very little social theorizing in the wake of the McDonald's murder. Instead there were recriminations and a sense that “something” had to be done. “As for the moral dimension of the problem,” wrote Qiao Zhifeng, for the state-owned Yangtze River Network. “We need to introduce incentives, including rewards for courage, and material awards, as well.”

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June 3, 2014
China's Premature Power Play Goes Very Wrong
Rory Medcalf, Nat'l Int.
If China is seeking to rattle America and others—especially Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam—it may be miscalculating. In the long run, the premature displays of confidence China has lately shown are likely to harm its... more ››
The Chinese dragon, awake and alert for some time, is suddenly stretching its arms and embracing what it thinks with conviction is its destiny as a Pacific power. Will the American protectorate in place for 70 years hold, they... more ››
June 3, 2014
Tales of Army Row Show Tiananmen in New Light
Jacobs & Buckley, NYT
The new details of the general’s defiance and the tremors it set off are among a series of disclosures about the intrigue inside the Chinese military preceding the bloody crackdown in Beijing on June 3 and 4, 1989, some... more ››
June 3, 2014
What Is China's Biggest Weakness?
William Pesek, Bloomberg View
China's debt reckoning is coming. Maybe not this quarter or this year, but Chinese President Xi Jinping's unbridled effort to keep growth from falling below the official 7.5 percent target is cementing China's fate. China is... more ››
June 3, 2014
25 Years After Tiananmen Square
Chicago Tribune
Wednesday will mark the 25th anniversary of the brutal assault in which soldiers of the People's Liberation Army expelled students from the public square and crushed a national protest movement. more ››