June 8, 2014

The Killing of Pakistan's Journalists

Kiran Nazish, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

The impunity with which journalists are attacked is having a devastating effect on Pakistani democracy.

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June 7, 2014
Witness to a Stoning
Tom Stacey, The Spectator
Attending public executions, whether beheadings or stonings, is not my predilection, yet one does come across them in the course of life in Arabia and Pakistan. more ››
It was our erstwhile president Pervez Musharraf who in 2005 told The Washington Post that rape was a “money-making concern” and that women “get themselves raped” to facilitate emigration. more ››
June 3, 2014
Life as a Slave in Pakistan
Annabel Symington, Global Post
HYDERABAD, Pakistan - In one hand he clutches a hoe, in the other a small plastic truck. Hamo, 8, has worked as a farm laborer since he was five, alongside his 12 family members who are trapped working on the land of a faceless... more ››
Honor killings are once again becoming a national controversy in Pakistan, where they claim as many as 1,000 womens' lives every year. And a big part of the debate there has to do with an uncomfortable fact: lots of Pakistanis... more ››
May 30, 2014
Pakistan: A Country of Dead Women
Rafia Zakaria, Dawn
Farzana Parveen was dead long before she was actually killed. She died when she imagined herself, a Pakistani woman, as a full person capable of making her own decisions, choosing the man she would marry. more ››