June 9, 2014

America's Grand Strategy Disaster

William Martel, The National Interest


While the United States today faces a whole host of challenges from the rise of China, Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea, the question of Iran’s nuclear program to the ongoing civil war in Syria it faces a much more basic challenge that pales in comparison to all the rest. America does not have a coherent, functioning grand strategy.

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May 29, 2014
Barack Obama Misfires at West Point
Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest
When it comes to strategic priorities, Obama was dauntingly vague. The fact is that America’s allies are nervous. NATO is incapable of deterring an attack on the Baltic states. China is intimidating, or seeking to... more ››
At West Point, President Obama defends a foreign policy vision based on more than U.S. military might. more ››
June 1, 2014
Obama's Conservative Foreign Policy
Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Conservatives generally agree on a few propositions. The federal government should avoid spending money unnecessarily. It shouldn't exceed its basic constitutional duties. It should encourage self-reliance rather than dependency.... more ››
May 30, 2014
Barack Obama Gets Realistic at West Point
James Joyner, Nat'l Interest
The good news is that, despite eschewing the realist label and lacing his speeches with idealist rhetoric, the Obama of 2014 is very much a realist in practice. After the above set-up, he got down to matters of actual policy and... more ››
May 29, 2014
The Age of Post-Interventionism
Mary Dejevsky, The Independent
Hard though it is to believe, less than halfway into his second term, Barack Obama is being forced to defend the foreign policy that was a key to his elevation to the White House: his turn away from the application of hard,... more ››