June 9, 2014

Meet China's Tony Robbins

Christopher Beam, The New Republic


After the dancing on chairs, the group massages, and “The Final Countdown” techno-remix warm-up music, I barely noticed when Chen Anzhi, China’s top motivational speaker, finally came onstage. For what felt like the first time since his “success studies” conference began two days earlier, the massive ballroom of Beijing’s Fengda Hotel went quiet. “Does anyone here want to live an ordinary life?” Chen asked as he prowled the stage, hair perfectly gelled and blue suit shining. (It might have been the gold threads woven into it.) Only a couple of hands went up. “You can leave now,” Chen said. What he was offering was not a stable life, or even a modest improvement in ...

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May 28, 2014
21st Century Revolves Around China
Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Yale Global
Only halfway through 2014 and it is clear the year will be remembered for a number of seismic shifts occurring in the Asia Pacific region. Because Asia in the early 21st century is, as Europe was in the early 20th, the center of... more ››
May 28, 2014
That 'Car War' with China? U.S. Already Lost
Ed Niedermeyer, Bloomberg
Critics of China are fired up over the World Trade Organization's ruling on Friday that Chinese tariffs on American-made SUVs and luxury cars violate international rules, coming as it does amid U.S. allegations of Chinese hacking... more ››
May 27, 2014
Asia's Cold War Is Starting to Heat Up
Peter Lee, Asia Times
Many Western observers believe that the PRC has blundered into the pivot's clever trap, and its aggressive moves are simply driving its neighbors into the welcoming arms of the United States, enabling a more forward military... more ››
May 27, 2014
China's Case for Sovereignty in the S. China Sea
Yang Zewei, China.org
Why China believes it owns the South China Sea. more ››
May 31, 2014
Modi Right to Strengthen Ties with China
Hindustan Times
India announced a Look East policy in 1992, years after the Southeast Asian ‘tiger economies’ had surged into the global limelight. Over time, the governments of East and Southeast Asia joked India’s policy was better... more ››