June 9, 2014

Revenge of the Liberal Foreign Policy Wonks

Kevin Baron, National Journal

The Associated Press

How a network of young activists and intellectuals made their way to the top of the national security establishment.

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June 4, 2014
A Failed Russian Reset Haunts Obama in Europe
Simon Shuster, Time
Many European leaders wish he could have seen the threat from Russia after the last time it invaded a neighbor. more ››
June 4, 2014
War Is Peace: Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy
Ed Krayewski, Reason
President Obama, then, has essentially continued a post-9/11 foreign policy doctrine first promulgated by President Bush: A state of total war, out-of-sight abroad (drone strikes, special operations, etc.) and normalized at home... more ››
May 31, 2014
Obama's Hope for All Our Fears
The Australian
BARACK Obama reaffirmed his belief in American exceptionalism in a speech this week aimed at reframing his foreign policy. This was no small point coming from a President who won office partly by capitalising on a decline in the... more ››
June 2, 2014
Obama's Incredible Shrinking Pivot
Benny Avni, New York Post
President Obama once had a sound foreign-policy concept, an overarching theme with real promise of being remembered as his doctrine. Oh, did you forget about the “pivot to Asia,” a k a “Rebalancing to... more ››
June 2, 2014
Let's Hope There's No 'Obama Doctrine'
Paul Waldman, American Prospect
Every president should be judged in foreign policy by the decisions he made, not whether you can sum it all up on a catchy bumper sticker. Barack Obama has made his share of mistakes, and the results of some of his decisions have... more ››