June 9, 2014

U.S. Ambassador Canadians Loved to Hate

Stephen Kelly, Globe and Mail

Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, who lost his struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease a year ago June 8, may not be a household name today in Canada. But during his tenure in the turbulent years from 2001-2005, he became the poster child for what some Canadians saw as the overly aggressive and even bullying administration of president George W. Bush.

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June 1, 2014
Justin Trudeau, Pro-Choice Fundamentalist
Rex Murphy, National Post
Among the many curiousities excited by Justin Trudeau’s unprompted musings on abortion, the chief is why he chose to stir the extremely contentious issue at all. It is far from obvious why the Liberal leader elected to... more ››
June 7, 2014
Harper Smash!
Scott Feschuk, Maclean's
What’s the deal with our PM? Lately, Stephen Harper has been picking a lot of fights—with rivals, with the Ontario premier, even with the chief justice of the Supreme Court. I’d hate to be the drive-through... more ››
May 29, 2014
Quebec Rejects Secularism
Peter Berger, The American Interest
Another defeat for Kemalism: French Canadians roundly rejected a draconian new law preventing all state employees from exhibiting “conspicuous religious symbols” at work. more ››
May 28, 2014
That 'Car War' with China? U.S. Already Lost
Ed Niedermeyer, Bloomberg
Critics of China are fired up over the World Trade Organization's ruling on Friday that Chinese tariffs on American-made SUVs and luxury cars violate international rules, coming as it does amid U.S. allegations of Chinese hacking... more ››
May 29, 2014
Obama's Mushy Foreign Policy
Bloomberg View
It's rare when a commencement speaker tells graduates he's doing his best to diminish their career opportunities. Yet to a military stretched thin by a decade at war, President Barack Obama's message at West Point's graduation... more ››