June 11, 2014

Life Still a Struggle for Brazil's New Middle Class

Vincent Bevins, Los Angeles Times

The Associated Press

Experts say the prospects of these newly empowered Brazilians with household incomes between $775 and $3,400 a month are crucial to a country of 200 million people that long has suffered from vast discrepancies in wealth. They now make up more than half the population but still face limitations everywhere.

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As SA experienced, the Fifa stranglehold means the benefits flow disproportionately to Fifa and the Blatter family, not to entrepreneurs in the host nation. And that is just the above-board side of Fifa. The growing calls for the... more ››
June 6, 2014
Throw FIFA Out of the Game
Dave Zirin, New York Times
People don’t have to be displaced and workers don’t need to die for soccer. The World Cup can be staged in countries with existing stadiums and infrastructure. Moreover, the secret bidding process for host countries... more ››
June 1, 2014
Is the World Cup a Giant Waste of Money?
Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Much as London tried to use the 2012 Summer Games to revivify a rotted corner of the East End, and Vancouver used the Winter Games to create a better highway from Vancouver to Whistler, Rio pledged to use the Cup and the Games to... more ››
June 10, 2014
Will Host Brazil Win the World Cup?
Cesar Chelala, Japan Times
When Diego Maradona was asked in 1998 who would win that year’s soccer World Cup being played in France, he said, “Countries organize the World Cup to win it,” thus suggesting that France would be the winner.... more ››
May 30, 2014
Brazil's World Cup Is a Nightmare
Vac Verikaitis, The Daily Beast
Brazilians angry at their government and FIFA could turn this giant soccer tournament into a tipping point. Are these corrupt, elitist spectacles worth it? more ››