June 12, 2014

Europe Learns Nothing from Tamiflu Scandal

A. Fontanella-Khan, Quartz


It’s been five years since European governments tried to fight the H1N1 pandemic and wasted a colossal $3 billion of taxpayer money in doing so. Back then, they stocked up on Tamilflu, a medication used on other types of influenza and marketed as a cure for the swine flu. It actually turned out to be “just as effective as aspirin” against the swine flu, save for “renal and psychiatric events” being among the side effects of the medicine. What caused the scandal was not so much the wasted money. It was that Roche, the producer of the treatment, broke no law by hiding eight of the 10 clinical trial reports on Tamiflu. At the time, no law demanded the publication of the tests done to prove the effectiveness of the treatment, and because of that the efficacy of the medicine could...

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