June 13, 2014

Wanted: Inflation in Germany

Chris Johns, Irish Times

The Associated Press

The current behaviour of global bond and equity markets could, as is often the case, be simply irrational. About the only way we can justify all-time highs in bond prices and stock markets is if inflation is likely to stay at current low levels forever and real economic growth also trundles along at current modest rates. That’s good enough for Britain and the US but a likely disaster in the making for Europe.

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June 5, 2014
Why Declining Europe Is Turning to Far Right
Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Just as the European left has had no solutions to the current crisis, neither will the nationalistic right. Places in relative decline often make headlines. That is the case with Europe now. more ››
June 12, 2014
Europe Learns Nothing from Tamiflu Scandal
A. Fontanella-Khan, Quartz
It’s been five years since European governments tried to fight the H1N1 pandemic and wasted a colossal $3 billion of taxpayer money in doing so. Back then, they stocked up on Tamilflu, a medication used on other types of... more ››
June 10, 2014
Europe in a Multipolar World
Volker Perthes, Project Syndicate
EU member states have no interest in letting their continent slip back into ethnic nationalism and power politics. The Ukraine crisis is therefore both a challenge and an opportunity. If Europe wants to remain a pole in a... more ››
June 5, 2014
Europe's Juncker Bond
Jan Fleischhauer, Der Spiegel
Jean-Claude Juncker vehemently criticized German-imposed austerity measures during the euro crisis. By doing so, he gained support in a number of countries -- especially those which would like to see the common currency zone... more ››
June 6, 2014
D-Day's Going to Be Awkward This Year
Robert Zaretsky, Foreign Policy
This year's commemoration will prove even more challenging. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now wound or winding down, have proved to be anything but good wars. The Obama administration's NSA spying and drone warfare, and... more ››