June 17, 2014

China's Not So Secret War on Religion

Steve Finch, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

While Chinese authorities have typically played to the majority in announcing measures against this Muslim minority, when it comes to growing crackdowns against Christianity – quite widely practiced by Han Chinese – Communist authorities have generally proven less forthcoming.

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It appears to be. And its hostility is only likely to increase as the regime turns to forces such as nationalism to legitimate itself in the face of an inevitable slowdown in China’s rate of growth. more ››
June 4, 2014
Tiananmen Still Colors U.S.-China Relations
Tom Malinowski, WaPo
The United States is asking of the Chinese government what we have asked — and what the Chinese families of the fallen have asked — for 25 years: to provide the fullest possible accounting of the Tiananmen... more ››
June 4, 2014
The Tanks and the People
Liao Yiwu, New York Review of Books
Twenty-five years ago, before the Tiananmen massacre, my father told me: “Son, be good and stay at home, never provoke the Communist Party.” My father knew what he was talking about more ››
June 5, 2014
The East China Sea Boils
Jeffrey Hornung, The National Interest
China initially argued the Japanese aircraft entered an area where China and Russia were conducting joint naval exercises, thereby forcing China to scramble jets to meet the Japanese aircraft that were monitoring and interfering... more ››
June 4, 2014
What China Loses by Forgetting
Ai Weiwei, Bloomberg View
Modern China’s forgetfulness did not start or end with Tiananmen. Even before the summer of 1989, dozens of darker, crueler incidents lay hidden in Chinese history. Today’s leaders cannot acknowledge their stated... more ››