June 17, 2014

Time for a U.S. Triage in the Mideast

Adam Garfinkle, The American Interest

The Associated Press

As many have already noted, if the U.S. government uses force against ISIS on behalf of the Maliki government in Iraq, it will in effect be allying itself with Iran—not such a hot idea under current circumstances, when most of our Sunni associates already think we’re screwing them. We don’t want to tempt forms of self-help like the Saudi government inviting Pakistani nukes, complete with crews, onto Saudi soil. It has also not gone without mention that it looks weird to be opposing a Sunni coalition force in Iraq while we’re (sort of) supporting the same force in Syria. Weird is maybe not strong enough a word to describe such full-frontal policy incoherence. We should therefore not attack ISIS formations, either stationary or in motion—at least not yet. We should, on the...

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