June 18, 2014

Ghosts of Europe's Religious Wars Haunts Iraq

James Stavridis, Foreign Policy

The Associated Press

How the lessons of the European wars of the Reformation -- hundreds of years old -- can help stave off the lethal mix of religious radicalization and politics.

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June 10, 2014
Europe in a Multipolar World
Volker Perthes, Project Syndicate
EU member states have no interest in letting their continent slip back into ethnic nationalism and power politics. The Ukraine crisis is therefore both a challenge and an opportunity. If Europe wants to remain a pole in a... more ››
June 10, 2014
When Europe's Far Right Was Pan-European
Stephen Cullen, The Convo
The fear of a federal Europe has eurosceptics riled once again. David Cameron is increasingly dialling up his rhetoric in response to Jean-Claude Juncker’s candidacy for head of the European Commission, with Juncker’s... more ››
June 9, 2014
Falling in Love with Medieval Armed Combat
Tom Holland, BBC News
Dressing up in uniforms from the past and re-enacting battles is a pastime in many parts of Europe and North America. But, until now, there had never been a world championship for medieval knights. more ››
June 9, 2014
Al-Qaeda: Nesting in Syria, Eyeing Europe
Patrick Cockburn, Independent
Europeans have not yet woken up to the significance of these anarchic zones opening up on the shores of the Mediterranean in Syria and Libya. This is because the threat has been largely abstract but it is getting less so with the... more ››
June 8, 2014
The Week Golden Dawn Turned Openly Nazi
Helena Smith, The Observer
Emboldened by its recent success in European and local elections – in which the party emerged as the country's third biggest political force, thanks to a softening of image that has attracted ever-growing numbers of the... more ››