June 18, 2014

Russia's Silver Lining

Chris Weafer, Moscow Times

The Associated Press

In the midst of so much economic uncertainty and questions over how Russia will be able to attract the volume of foreign investment it desperately needs to boost long term growth, the one piece of good news is the price of oil.

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June 6, 2014
Brazil's Bumpy Path to Oil Superpower
Vinod Sreeharsha, Miami Herald
Brazil’s efforts to become one of the world’s major oil producers have attracted businesses such as U.S. drilling giants Halliburton and Baker Hughes, gained it partnerships with oil companies from India and China, lured... more ››
June 11, 2014
Will China Rescue America's Coal Industry?
Luiza Savage, Maclean's
For a while, coal demand looked to be insatiable in the rapidly industrializing country. Demand in China increased almost fivefold between 1980 and 2010, according to the EIA. The U.S. government projected last year that Chinese... more ››
June 7, 2014
An Energy Plan to Impoverish America
Daniel McGroarty, RealClearWorld
After one of the longer political drum-rolls in policy wonkery, President Obama announced this week the proposed new EPA rule for cutting carbon dioxide emissions to combat climate change. The goal, expressed in 645 pages of... more ››
June 6, 2014
D-Day's Going to Be Awkward This Year
Robert Zaretsky, Foreign Policy
This year's commemoration will prove even more challenging. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now wound or winding down, have proved to be anything but good wars. The Obama administration's NSA spying and drone warfare, and... more ››
June 6, 2014
China-Russia Deal About Geography, Not Politics
Danila Bochkarev, MT
Over the last decade the global economic balance has rapidly shifted towards the Asia–Pacific region, with China becoming the world's leading economic power. Washington was quick in responding to this shift, by partially... more ››