June 19, 2014

Why Are Rwandans Disappearing?

L. Santoro & S. Thomson, New York Times

The Associated Press

Americans, both in government and in the reception lines at events where Mr. Kagame speaks, have been keen to support a government that claims to represent the victims of the genocide, without realizing that no alternative narrative has been allowed to emerge, creating a vacuum in which Rwandan citizens are now demonstrably at risk.

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June 16, 2014
The West Must Intervene in Nigeria
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June 14, 2014
America's Man Fighting Terror in Africa
Eliza Griswold, New York Times
“My job is to look at Africa and see where the threat to the United States is,” Linder said as he unfolded his map and traced circles around the territories where he knew extremist groups were operating. “I see... more ››
June 11, 2014
Sudan's Silent Suffering Is Getting Worse
Clooney & Prendergast, Vice
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