June 20, 2014

1 Attack Left This Country in Total Darkness

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes

The Associated Press

The rapid advance of jihadists throughout Iraq unnerves us. The goal of establishing a radical Islamist caliphate – providing a haven to thousands of violent individuals with a hatred of the West - should unnerve us. Because it’s the unknown next step that follows that keeps us awake at night, and reminds us of our vulnerability. News from Yemen last week further underscores that sense, as we learned that an attack on the power lines left the entire nation of Yemen (with its 23 million people) without power for a day. The country’s energy minister indicated that power lines were taken out, cutting power to all provinces. A ministry spokesman was quoted as saying “The act of sabotage at Kilometre 78 suspended the entire national power and energy grid, including at Marib’s...

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June 10, 2014
Arm Syria's Opposition
Robert S. Ford, New York Times
We don’t have good choices on Syria anymore. But some are clearly worse than others. More hesitation and unwillingness to commit to enabling the moderate opposition fighters to fight more effectively both the jihadists and the... more ››
June 9, 2014
Syria Spillover a Threat to Jews Everywhere
Moshe Arens, Haaretz
Western citizens who go to Syria to join jihadist militias and return after being indoctrinated in fanatical Islam constitute a danger to Jews wherever they go. more ››
June 8, 2014
Responding to Assad's New Swagger
Boston Globe
Those who feel the war in Syria is too far away to affect America ought to pay attention to a suicide attack committed in Syria two weeks ago, by a 22-year-old from Florida. An estimated 12,000 foreigners have flocked to fight in... more ››
June 8, 2014
Why the World's Monarchies Endure
John Rees, The Conversation
The “spectacle” has always been an important political tool, but in no other time have images had such rapid and global impact, unleashing an insatiable popular hunger not only for celebrity and scandal but also for... more ››
June 10, 2014
Is Israel Ready for Plan B?
Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed
Michael Oren, a historian who served as Israel’s U.S. ambassador for four years until late last year, has been advocating for what he calls Plan B, a proposal that would have Israel unilaterally withdraw from the occupied West... more ››