June 20, 2014

Obama's Bluff Can Work in Iraq

Noah Feldman, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

There may be no greater irony in Barack Obama’s presidency than the reintroduction of military advisers to Iraq -- with airstrikes soon to follow. With the first steps of a more extensive intervention under way, it's time to ask: What are the regional and global stakes of the latest iteration of conflict in Iraq? And what endgame can the U.S. realistically help achieve to create stability?

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June 17, 2014
Don't Play into Iran's Hands in Iraq
Benny Avni, New York Post
As seems the rule in the Obama era, America has few good choices for handling the Iraqi mess, but subcontracting the solution to Iran, as the Obama administration is evidently contemplating, is probably the worst. more ››
June 17, 2014
What We're About to Lose in the Mideast
John Davidson, The Federalist
it now seems the Middle East created by Sykes-Picot is going to collapse because of what National Review Online’s Mario Loyola last week called the Obama administration’s “criminal negligence” in Iraq. If so, then we... more ››
June 17, 2014
Iraq Could Become Three-Headed Monster
David Francis, Fiscal Times
The possibility that Iraq could split into three separate territories, all with different goals, is developing quickly. In the country’s northeast, Kurdish Peshmerga have taken control of Kirkuk, creating a front against... more ››
June 17, 2014
Obama Is the New Dubya
Lloyd Green, The Daily Beast
While Republicans accuse Obama of everything from being crypto-Muslim to foreign-born to committing high crimes and misdemeanors, the reality is that Obama is running American foreign policy from a watered-down version of the... more ››