June 20, 2014

Vancouver's Gender-Neutral Pronoun Wars

Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail


The new policy will allow students to play on the sports team that they think best fits their gender identity. They’ll also be able to choose a gender-neutral washroom if they don’t like the ones that match the gender they were born with. School officials will not be obliged to inform the parents if a child is having gender-orientation issues.

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June 17, 2014
Vancouver's Revolutionary Fix for Gridlock
Andrew Coyne, National Post
The plan? The mayors refer to it as “comprehensive mobility pricing.” It’s never quite spelled out what this means, but it’s clear this would go far beyond putting tolls on the odd bridge or highway, of a... more ››
June 13, 2014
Canada Shows the Way on Gun Control Debate
Chris Selley, National Post
Gun control, in the broad sense, pretty obviously works. Fewer guns are correlated with fewer gun deaths. But the American situation puts the lie to the magic thinking of Canada’s gun control obsessives. It’s not... more ››
June 15, 2014
Watch Stephen Harper and Learn
Paul Wells, Maclean's
It’s frankly amazing to me that, eight months after Harper was in Brussels to announce free trade with Europe, we still don’t have free trade with Europe. It’ll be more amazing if he doesn’t have it nailed... more ››
June 12, 2014
Canada Unprepared for the Grey Tsunami
Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
Today, the average cost to the health-care system of someone aged 65-69 is roughly $6,700. For someone aged 80-84 the average cost is $15,000, and over 90 it is $26,000. Today, about 14 per cent of the population is over 65. By... more ››
June 9, 2014
A Shameful Canadian Prostitution Law
Ottawa Citizen
The most shameful thing about the Conservative government’s prostitution bill is its political cynicism and callous indifference. more ››