June 24, 2014

Counting the Cost of Scottish Independence

Peter Jones, The Scotsman

The Associated Press

Leaving the UK would mean leaving the fiscal union which offsets the effects of Scotland having an inappropriate monetary policy, for example high interest rates which depress employment, by making increased welfare payments, he argued.

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The ironic thing is that the one region of the globe that appears to have hit upon a peaceful formula for dealing with this problem is also the region responsible for most of the world’s ill-fitting borders in the first... more ››
June 17, 2014
Has Alex Salmond Already Won?
Brian Groom, Financial Times
This debate has barely begun. The public in England, which accounts for more than four-fifths of the UK’s population, has been phlegmatic to the point of indifference about the Scottish referendum. But come what may, the... more ››
June 12, 2014
London Must Choose Uber or Nostalgia
Marc Champion, Bloomberg View
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June 24, 2014
Britain's Wooing of Germany Has Flopped
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
Left to their own devices, Mr Cameron and Ms Merkel could probably have sorted out the commission presidency and a host of other EU issues over a convivial lunch. In reality, both leaders are too trapped by domestic political... more ››
June 12, 2014
The West Must Align with Iran to Stop Jihadists
Peter Oborne, Telegraph
With Egypt facing grave problems, Iran has emerged as the most stable and powerful country in the Middle East. Again and again since the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in 2001, the Iranians have offered cooperation against... more ››