June 25, 2014

The U.S. Should Celebrate Its Decline

Oliver Stuenkel, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

The Upside of Down argues that the U.S. is declining — and that’s a good thing, especially for Washington.

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June 20, 2014
How Pacifism Became a German Lifestyle
Henryk Broder, Die Welt
German pacifism is mainly directed against those whose military engagement made a movement like theirs possible in the first place. Without Allied intervention there would be no peace movement in Germany, no Easter march, no... more ››
June 20, 2014
China and America: Passive-Aggressive Powers
Ian Bremmer, Reuters
Xi Jinping and Barack Obama want to have their foreign policy cake and eat it, too. For both leaders, international engagement isn’t top of mind: they want to downplay their global leadership roles in order to focus on more... more ››
June 20, 2014
Obama Plan Leaves Iraq Mostly on Its Own
Lara Jakes, Associated Press
For years, the U.S. has been clear about its intent to step back from Iraq. The restrained American military aid now being offered to defend Baghdad against a ferocious Sunni insurgency reaffirms the Obama administration's mantra... more ››
June 21, 2014
Why China Worries Washington
Amy Zegart, The American Interest
A strong and rising China is something the U.S. should worry about—and so is a weak and unstable China. But perhaps most worrying of all is the fundamental uncertainty about which scenario we’ll see. more ››
June 21, 2014
America's Mideast Mistakes Keep Multiplying
Robert Merry, TNI
There’s an old saying that when you go to war it is imperative that you take pains to know your enemy, meaning to understand his motives, capabilities and likely actions. But, when the United States went to war after the... more ››