June 27, 2014

5 Films That Sparked International Incidents

Eric Dodds, Time

The Associated Press

According to the trailer for their upcoming film, The Interview, James Franco and Seth Rogen (or at least the characters they play) will be sent to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong Un. As you might imagine, the Supreme Leader isn’t exactly taking this in stride and has promised “merciless retaliation” against the U.S. for the faux assassination.

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Clearly, the leadership feels personally threatened by this film, unlike other similar movies that preceded it. Pyongyang seemed OK with 2004's Team America: World Police, the first mainstream film to mock the previous leader,... more ››
June 16, 2014
Let North Korea Collapse
Sue Terry, New York Times
North Korea is a threat that keeps on threatening. Satellite imagery recently revealed increased activity at the Punggye-ri nuclear site. The government in Pyongyang appears to have completed preliminary steps for a fourth... more ››
June 14, 2014
I Was Kim Jong-Il's Poet Laureate
Jang Jin-Sung, New Republic
When I was a child, I didn’t read. In all honesty, no story was as exciting as the fairy tales my mother told my siblings and me. A story that captivated my childhood imagination more than anything else was about a magic cudgel... more ››