June 27, 2014

U.S. World Cup Enthusiasm Is Bad News for the World

Vicki Woods, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

The whole nation appears to have recalibrated its relationship with what the rest of the world calls football. Finally, it’s American enough both for the nation’s most privileged children to play and practice and for the nation’s barflies and telly addicts to watch and enjoy. They’re enthusiastic. And, when Americans get enthusiastic about a thing…

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June 24, 2014
The Day We Fell in Love with the World Cup
John Cassidy, New Yorker
Americans, like practically everybody else, have gone a little World Cup crazy. As a lifelong soccer nut, and a naturalized American citizen, I welcome this development—and readily admit that I didn’t see it coming. Like most... more ››
June 27, 2014
A Very Un-American Triumph
John Cassidy, The New Yorker
How do you celebrate a loss? The English, who have long glorified their country’s valiant second-place finishers, don’t have a problem with it. But Americans? Surely, we are all about winning, coming out on top,... more ››
June 23, 2014
Note to U.S.: Elite World Cup Teams Don't Gag
Nancy Armour, USA Today
They were less than a minute away from a huge win, the humidity was oppressive and the Americans were gassed. None of it is any excuse. The Americans blew this game, and it could very well make the difference between moving on... more ››
An epic fail by the U.S. team? No. Just an epic disappointment for its fans. Silvestre Varela's goal in the final seconds was like a walk-off homer — if a walk-off homer could end a game in a tie, that is. This wasn't a... more ››
June 15, 2014
Will This Be the Last World Cup?
Jason Cowley, New Statesman
Football is a supreme instrument of soft power and can unite people as little else can. But allegations of Fifa corruption have tarnished the image of the beautiful game. Can anything be done to save it? more ››