July 2, 2014

America the Hesitant

Andrew Michta, The American Interest

The Associated Press

With Europe AWOL, can the Obama Administration lead NATO on Russia policy?

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June 25, 2014
Proof NATO Nukes in Europe Are Useless
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Many people in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands wonder why there are still US tactical nuclear weapons on their soil. These B-61 nuclear gravity bombs were stationed in Europe during the Cold War to deter the Soviet threat,... more ››
Washington should reconsider who it protects from whom, reserving “worthwhile” alliances for countries that offer something meaningful to America in return. more ››
June 28, 2014
Why Russians Fight in Ukraine
Illya Barbanov, Kommersant
The funeral for the two young men was held on June 7 in a church in Kubinka, near Moscow. Aleksander Efremov and Alekei Yurin had gone to Donbas in the midst of the battle over the Donetsk airport in the eastern Ukrainian city.... more ››
The report essentially says that the status quo persists in Russian law with regard to invasion, despite Putin’s recent announcement. And while this may seem like an unimportant technicality, it means that all Putin has done is... more ››
June 23, 2014
Why Ukraine Separatists Failed in Kharkiv
Oliver Carroll, New Republic
Kharkiv today is hard to compare to the one of late February. Then, the separatist scenario seemed very real: Russian flags had showed up here first, some time before they did in Slavyansk, Donetsk, and Luhansk, today's rebel... more ››