July 2, 2014

U.S. Media Whitewashes Kiev's Atrocities

Stephen Cohen, The Nation

The Associated Press

The regime has repeatedly carried out artillery and air attacks on city centers, creating a humanitarian catastrophe—which is all but ignored by the US political-media establishment.

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June 23, 2014
Why Ukraine Separatists Failed in Kharkiv
Oliver Carroll, New Republic
Kharkiv today is hard to compare to the one of late February. Then, the separatist scenario seemed very real: Russian flags had showed up here first, some time before they did in Slavyansk, Donetsk, and Luhansk, today's rebel... more ››
The ironic thing is that the one region of the globe that appears to have hit upon a peaceful formula for dealing with this problem is also the region responsible for most of the world’s ill-fitting borders in the first... more ››
June 20, 2014
Europe's Energy Problem
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Fast-moving events in Ukraine and the Middle East highlight the need for Europe to improve its energy policy. In particular, they underscore Europe’s excessive dependence on Russian energy supply, which poses a major risk to... more ››
June 20, 2014
A World Full of Militarized NGOs
Moises Naim, The Atlantic
Who invaded Crimea? Civil society. Who has occupied government offices and police headquarters in eastern Ukraine, bringing massive instability to that region? Civil society. Who is fighting the governments of Bashar al-Assad in... more ››
June 24, 2014
U.S. Has Unfinished Business in Ukraine, Iraq
George Friedman, Stratfor
When we consider Ukraine and Iraq, they are of course radically different, but they have a single thing in common: To the extent that the United States has any interest in the regions, it cannot act with direct force. Instead, it... more ››