July 4, 2014

Recession Looms Again for France

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

France is on the cusp of a fresh recession as services contract sharply and the country braces for yet another round of austerity cuts, with record jobless levels likely to bedevil Francois Hollande’s presidency for years to come.

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July 3, 2014
World Cup Revives Old Border Wars
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post
And then there were eight. The World Cup quarterfinals kick off Friday with two regional grudge matches: Brazil takes on an effervescent Colombia in the city of Fortaleza, while France faces Germany in Rio de Janeiro. more ››
July 3, 2014
Hollande Sets His Sights on Sarkozy
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, The Telegraph
It has been open season on Nicolas Sarkozy ever since President Hollande was inaugurated on May 15 2012. Never an easy-going, approachable character, François Hollande has a mean, vindictive streak: like Louis XI, he won’t be... more ››
June 28, 2014
It's Summer, So France Is on Strike
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Telegraph
Gallic militancy may irritate you British, but imagine having to put up with it every day more ››
June 21, 2014
No Sex Please, We're French
Zachary Karabell, Slate
The government of France has just made what on the face of it appears to be a nonannouncement announcement: It will not include illegal drugs and prostitution in its official calculation of the country’s gross domestic... more ››
June 21, 2014
The French (Jihad) Connection
Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal
If cannabis were legal in France, Mehdi Nemmouche would be safely in Algeria, instead of under lock and key awaiting extradition to Belgium. Nemmouche was on his way to his father’s native Algeria when French customs agents... more ››